Finding Social Bookmarking Site To Build Your List

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There are hundreds of social bookmarking sites in the internet today and it will take hours for you to bookmark to all of them. You can filter your list down to a few best social bookmarking site.

If you are aiming for direct traffic from bookmarking sites, you will need to get those sites with high traffic value with active members. Social bookmarking sites that are being used often to search for content online. If you are aiming for backlinks, here are a few characteristics of a good social bokmarking site.

- It should have a recent bookmarks page.
- A link from the homepage pointing to the recent bookmarks page.
- Bookmark links using direct links instead of a redirect links.
- Having a rssfeed for each bookmarking accounts.
- Indexed in search engines.
- Moderated instead of a dead site filled with adult links.

These are only some of the basic criterias for identifying the best social bookmarking sites for you to build backlinks from. There are many other considerations such as nofollow links, number of tags, authority of the bookmarking site, number of users, value of links, etc.