Tips On How To Increase Web Site Traffic For Free

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There are two types of traffic that you can get for your online business. One is FREE traffic and the other is PAID traffic. Let's compare the basic disadvantages and advantages of these two types of traffic.

Paid traffic using PPC, banners, cpa, cpm and other methods.
Pro: Fast traffic allowing you to make a profit immediately.
Con: Expensive if you are buying the wrong type of traffic.

Free traffic from search engines
Pro: Does not cost you anything besides webhosting and domain name.main Con: It is not immediate. It takes time for you to rank for your keywords.

Getting paid traffic is faster and better if you want immediate results. But you will need to have the spare money to spend in paid advertising. Do not use money that you cannot afford to lose. Losing money is just part of the game for traffic buying. You are not a true winner if you have not learnt how to lose.

Let's talk on free traffic from search engines. This business is all about links. Content + links = traffic. When you have traffic, you will monetize on it with the correct offers. You do not need to have good content for your site. All you need are contents with the correct words. For example, the articles found on this site, they are written with grammer errors and broken english. The main purpose is to attract the search engine spiders to crawl your site and index your page. As long as your content make sense with a few tips, you are good to go.

Once you have your written content, you will need to increase web traffic for free. You will need to structure a plan for your linking process. Set a 30/70 rule for your site building. 30% of your time on site creation and 70% of your time on site promotion. If you have invested in many webpromotion tools, you can adjust your time to 40/60 or even 49/51. The amount of time spent on promotion should always be more than the time spent on content creation.

These are the 4 basic linking strategies that you can find anywhere online. They still work today:

- Social bookmarking

- Article submission

- Directory submission

- Blog commenting

Using the correct keywords on your site is the key. You will need to do proper research on the type of keywords that you intend to use on your site.

Most of the time when you are selling physical products, you need to target buying longtail keywords. You can also target product names. If your niche is more on free information/services, you can use CPA or adsense as your monetization. People looking for free information online will tend to click around on your site or fill in a form for free offers.

Your niche determines
- the type of keywords to use
- the type of monetization

Increase web traffic for free is all about system. You have to have the mindset and endurance to sit infront of your computer for hours doing nothing but link building daily. You have to understand the process before you can outsource it to someone else.

Get the basics right and you can move on to more advanced linking strategies such as setting up your own giant network of feeder sites and improving your earnings with traffic filtering using openx and google ad manager.