Finding Your Scuttle Sites Online

BookmarkingDemon will cease operation after 31st Oct 2017. Article here will not be updated and may not be accurate.

What are scuttle sites and how you can use them to get free backlinks to your sites. Scuttle sites are sites that are using the open source social bookmarking script called - Scuttle. Scuttle script can be downloaded easily and allow the user to setup his own bookmarking site. If you are interested in setting up one, you can download it at

The first thing that the owner of a scuttle bookmarking site wants is content. The owner requires as many content as possible to start getting free traffic. This is where we come into the picture. We can register accounts at these scuttle sites and bookmark our sites. We are giving the owner of the scuttle site free content with a backlink in return.

With bookmarkingdemon, you will have a list of 100+ bookmarking sites inclusive of scuttle sites. This social bookmarking software allows you to add your own scuttle sites. If you want to build your own list of scuttle sites, you find it in the search engines by using the search term

"Store, share and tag your favourite links"

You can find hundreds of them. Bookmarkingdemon will be able to use most of them. There are some scuttle sites that are modified with captcha and other security protection. These modified scuttle sites will not work with Bookmarkingdemon. Most of the time, the owner will not modify their scuttle scripts.

With bookmarkingdemon, not only can you add scuttle sites, you can also add scuttle plus sites and pligg sites. This will give you the ability to gain more backlinks from more social bookmarking sites around the internet.