Why BookmarkingDemon?

  • Bookmark to 100+ social bookmarking sites.

  • Add your own Scuttle, ScuttlePlus, Pligg & PhpDug sites.

  • Create randomized account usernames.

  • Randomize titles, tags and descriptions.

  • Bookmark to random accounts.

  • Pinging Feature.

  • Random proxy servers.

  • Hide your bookmarks with random sites.

  • Multi-threading for faster bookmarking.

  • Crawl your urls automatically.

  • Bookmarking Camouflage.

  • Scheduler For Drip Bookmarking.

  • Email verification system.

  • Visual Aid using Decaptcher.

List Of Best Social Bookmarking Tips

Never Use The Same Usernames

for all the bookmarking sites that you intend to use. This will create a little footprint for someone to track you down especially the search engines. If you are using any social bookmarking tool, make sure it is able to create different usernames across different sites.

Why You Need To Bookmark

your websites to many sites automatically. If you are manually bookmarking your sites using some form filling social bookmarking script, you are wasting your time. Bookmarking is an extremely time consuming process and you need as much automation as possible. With automation, you will need to do it smartly so that your bookmarks don't appear spammy. Never spam as it is never a long term business strategy.

Wordpress Social Bookmarking Plugin

It might sounds good to be able to bookmark your websites totally handsfree but the problem is that you might be branded as a spammer. If your bookmarking accounts contain nothing but your domain's url, you will be banned. If all your bookmarks are adsense sites or affiliate sites, you might also face the axe. You need to mix your social bookmarking accounts with unrelated links to look more legit. A wordpress plugin will not be able to do that.

Webbased Bookmarking A Problem

If you are using any bookmarking services that are web based, example php script, there is one problem. The problem is that whenever you bookmark, you will be using your server's ip address. Therefore, your social bookmarking script must have the ability to use multiple ip addresses. If you are subscripted to a online sharing software service, make sure they are able to use different ip addresses for bookmarking. If not, all members will be using the same ip resulting in a likely ban for all member's bookmarking accounts.

Mixing Your Social Bookmarking

How does a legit bookmarking account looks like? You will have to think to yourself as to what type of sites most people usually bookmark? Most of the time it will be some breaking news, interesting videos and celebrity gossips. Try to mix your own money sitess with many other sites. Give it a ratio of 1:4 or 1:5.

Do Not Bookmark Your Page Title

If the title of your webpage is not a keyword, do not waste your bookmarking it. Whenever you bookmark, always use a keyword as your title. This will be the anchored link used to rank your site. Have a mixture of different titles and randomize it so your incoming links look more natural to the search engines.

What Are Scuttle Sites And Pligg

Both scuttle sites and pligg sites are sites using free open source bookmarking scripts. Many webpublishers downloaded these scripts to setup their own bookmarking sites. All these sites give us the opportunity to gain backlinks to our sites. In order to get these backlinks, we need to provide some content to post on their site (in the form of short descriptions). This is a win-win situation where we gain free backlinks and they gain free content.

Do Not Use Too Many Tags

When you are bookmarking, you have the ability to use tags for your website. For each tag you will be creating a new page. Do not be greedy and use hundreds of tags. This is spamming and you will be banned. It looks unnatural that the number of words in your tags outnumbered the number of words in your descriptions. Gaining a few thousand links overnight is not recommended. Proper strategic bookmarking is the way to build a long term business.

Mix Website Promotion Strategies

Although bookmarking alone can help you get your sites indexed very fast and rank well for long tail keywords, you will need to mix it with other web promotion strategies. It is a mixture of promotion methods that will help you rank better in the search engines. It will look strange to search engines if all your links come from social bookmarking sites. For long term business benefits, always have a mixture of promotion tools.

Good Social Bookmarking Software

must be able to randomize your details as much as possible. Many social bookmarking tools out there are unable to do a proper randomization of your details.