Comparing Social Bookmarking Tools

BookmarkingDemon will cease operation after 31st Oct 2017. Article here will not be updated and may not be accurate.

When it comes to social bookmarking, you can find many different social bookmarking tools being sold online. Most of the services or tools that you find are web based.

These web based bookmarking scripts are expensive and mostly likely come with a monthly fee. Most of them will claim that they have the total automation solution to your bookmarking needs. But none of them really understand the need to hide your urls.

Online social bookmarking tools that offer total automation is dangerous. You will be using the same ip address and bookmarking account. On top of that, you have no randomization features to use. You have to hide your bookmarks with other urls, if not you will be banned for 'self promotion'. Imgaine a bookmarking account with nothing but links to your domains. Similarly, if your bookmakring account contains nothing but adsense sits, you will be banned.

If you are unable to host the webbased script, you will need to know the problem such script will give. You are most likely sharing the same ip address with hundreds of other users. When a social bookmarking site decides to ban the server's ip address, all the users on that server will not be able to bookmark to that particular bookmarking site.

Bookmarking sites are getting stricter against self promoter and it is important that you have proper strategy to hide your links. Bookmarkingdemon uses some of the most advanced randomization features to help you make your randomization easily. It can crawl many different rssfeeds and auto insert those links into your bookmarking account. Your accounts will appear more neutral.

A desktop software is always better as you get more control over all your bookmarking. You have the ability to save your accounts into different profiles with more randomization.