Review The Best Social Bookmarking Script

BookmarkingDemon will cease operation after 31st Oct 2017. Article here will not be updated and may not be accurate.

There are many types of social bookmarking script that you can use online. Mainly these scripts or softwares are separated into two types, web based or desktop. For the desktop software it is very clear cut that you download it and install in your computer. As for the web based version, there are many different types.

First off we have the php script which you install in your webhost. The main advantage of a webbased script is that it might be able to have total automation. Meaning that you can set it to automatically bookmark your site every day without a need to revisit it. It might sounds good but there are many problem with online versions.

Online social bookmarking script is most likely bookmarking the same urls from the same domain to the same set of bookmarking accounts. This is a big red flag. You cannot simply bookmark the same pages to the same bookmarking account. The bookmarking sites' owners are stricter to what bookmarks they are accepting today. They will suspect that you are self promoting and ban your account. In order for you to make your bookmarking account look like the 'real' thing, you have to mix with many other urls into it. Currently no online bookmarking script is able to do it.

Another problem is the sharing of ip address. You can bookmarking your sites from the same old ip address of your server. Unless your online script comes with a automated proxy server user, it will not function well. Bookmarking sites tend to keep track of the number of sites you can bookmark per ip address.

A desktop social bookmarking software is the best as it allow full control. You can use different ip address or proxy servers easily. Some users receive different ip address from their ISP daily and it is a great benefit for them. You can save profiles, mix profiles and do other manipulations that an online script can never be able to do.

Bookmarkingdemon version 5 is the latest social bookmarking software that will help you randomize your bookmarks with features that are not found in any other software. Not only is it better, it is priced lower than most social bookmarking script. Unlike other social bookmarking script, BMD does not come with a monthly fee. No more worries on when to unsubscribe.