Social Bookmarking And Seo With Bookmark Title

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With social bookmarking, you can gain backlinks fast and get your sites indexed easily. These backlinks come in the form of anchored keyword links.

The common mistake made by most bookmarkers is the use of blog post title for their bookmarks. Instead bookmarking the title 'Ways on how you can make fast easy money online' for your bookmarks, you should narrow it down to titles with keywords that you are targeting such as 'make fast easy money online' or 'make easy money online'.

Another common mistake is the use of the same keyword backlinks for all your bookmarks. If all one hundred backlinks pointing to your site is using the same keyword such as 'work at home mons', the search engines will flag your site as a link spammer. You should always use different keyword links pointing to your site. In this case, you should use other longer tail keywords such as 'moms work at home business', 'work at home jobs for moms' and 'free work at home moms'.

With bookmarkingdemon, you will be able to set a number different titles for your bookmarks. It will then randomly pick your keywords for bookmarking resulting in a variety of keyword anchored backlinks to your site. Not only that, bookmarkingdemon also gives you the ability to randomize your tags and description. These randomization features give you a great social bookmarking seo advantage and leave as little footprints as possible. Check out the latest social bookmarking tool.