Review The Best Wordpress Social Bookmark Plugin

BookmarkingDemon will cease operation after 31st Oct 2017. Article here will not be updated and may not be accurate.

The main benefit for using a social bookmarking wordpress plugin is the ability to set your bookmarking to total automation. It might sounds good to have a totally handsfree webpromotion tool working for you. But a wordpress social bookmarking plugin has its limitation. Let's look at some of the problem with a wp bookmarking plugin.

As we know, it is almost impossible for the wordpress social bookmarks to create accounts for you. You will need to manually create your bookmarking accounts and insert the details into your wordpress admin area for the plugin. This can be very time consuming. Most likely, you will not have the ability to save different sets of profiles with different sets of accounts for use with your plugin.

Next is the randomization of the urls. The wordpress social bookmarks plugin will always be bookmarking the same domain. Imagine what happens when a visual inspection is done on a bookmarking account that contains nothing but your domain? One will smell spam and other will just tag you as a self promoter. Some bookmarking sites are ok with self promoting but others will just ban your ip address. You HAVE TO mix your bookmarking account with many other urls. For example, videos, celebrity news, sports news and other interesting articles. This will make your account appear more decent.

If you are running the wordpress bookmarking script on hundreds of sites on the same server. You might not be able to bookmark to that particular bookmarking site if your server's ip address is banned. You need to check and ensure that the plugin has the ability to add proxy servers.

To effectively use any of the automated wordpress social bookmark plugins in the market, you have mix it with other urls by manually login in to the bookmarking sites. You will not be able to bookmark any sites with the social bookmarking plugin. It will only bookmark new blog post that appears on your site.

When it comes to bookmarking, total automation is not always the best. You need to have certain amount of control over your bookmarks. If you want to save hours of your time and make your bookmarking process easy, you will need a social bookmarking software such as bookmarkingdemon.